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PCA’s Fairness in Co-Payment Act Becomes Law: 

Act 39 of 2015

(read Act 39 by clicking HERE)

Two, 2-year legislative sessions of hard work and arduous and persistent effort by the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association on behalf of Pennsylvania’s 4,000+ Doctors of Chiropractic paid off when Senate Bill 487, championed by Senator Chuck McIlhinney (Bucks County) was signed into law as Act 39 of 2015 by Governor Tom Wolf on July 31, 2015.

Based on numerous members’ complaints and those of many Chiropractic patients, the PCA took the lead on this important health consumer and provider issue. Partnering  with the PA Physical Therapy Association and a consortium of other health care providers, PCA was able to take on the insurance interests and win a victory for patients and providers.

PCA President Case Phillips (Allegheny County) stated, “Thanks for this milestone legislative victory are due to many: Doctors of Chiropractic and their vocal patients; PCA’s Legislative Committee working under the able leadership of Dr. Eric Osterberg; and, our lobbyists, The Winter Group, all of whom diligently collaborated and never stopped believing in this good cause throughout a highly politicized effort that made a difference for the better right here in Pennsylvania.”

Known as the Fairness in Co-Payment Act, Senator McIlhinney commented, “This measure will better protect health plan policyholders by preventing insurance companies from shifting an even greater share of the financial burden onto consumers.”

PCA’s Legislative Committee chair Eric Osterberg, DC, was delighted. Exclaimed the York county doctor, “WE did it!  When a determined, thoughtful and patient group of DCs come together, as they did for Senate Bill 487, they CAN make a difference for the betterment of their profession and their patients.”

Said PCA’s chief lobbyist and former Governor, Mark Singel, President of The Winter Group, “At last, patients will no longer face multiple co-pays that were forced on them by insurers. It is now against the spirit and intent of the law for health insurance companies to extract more than one co-payment per office visit from a patient. There are some real ‘teeth’ in this law as well: insurance companies that violate the Fairness in Co-Payment Act will face penalties under the Commonwealth’s Unfair Insurance Practices Act.”

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