The PCA headquarters will be closed in observance of the 

Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 1, 2014.


PCA’s 2014 Annual Convention was a resounding success, with more than 250 attendees celebrating the profession in State College.

Stay tuned for news and pictures from the 2014 PCA Annual Convention HERE!
President's Message

A Renewed PCA Welcomes YOU!!

As PCA’s 2014-2015 President, I am pleased to author my first message to you -Pennsylvania’s DC’s and staff, PCA members and non-members alike.

PCA is entering into one of the most exciting phases in its long history of service to the profession. With a fresh and revitalized board, a seasoned, well respected EVP and staff, new district officers that are excited and ready to serve and a new strategic plan, PCA is poised to do great things for the profession in the next several years.

My initial message to you focuses on our common ground as a profession and professionals, using “family” as a metaphor for PCA.

Like most families, PCA functions in a similar manner: We have a vision for what we want for our family. We have defined roles and expectations of each other. We attempt to carefully listen to all parties to ensure mutual respect. We rely upon and support each other. We try to make each other better. We work from a budget. We have a plan to achieve our goals. We occasionally disagree but usually manage to find common ground to advance our mutual interests.

On the other hand, there are some unique characteristics and challenges when looking at PCA as a family:


PCA Launches New Website.
The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association has developed a new website, which will provide enhanced services, information and resources to members and in the near future, health care consumers. 

PCA's 2014 Continuing Education calendar features over 500 hours of in person CE approved instruction in addition to the robust offerings of Online University. PCA's 2014 Annual Convention in State College will offer 24 hours of CE in just 3 days!

PCA has useful and helpful information that affects you and your practice!  With topics ranging from the DEP to Workers Comp to Medicare to Highmark PMMP...and much more.

NOTICE:  PCA's new web site is currently under construction 

Throughout the next few monthsthere will be a variety of features added to PCA's web site.  Members should anticipate additional information being added to the site on a regular basis.


The PCA members-only section of the website includes detailed information on the latest news in the profession, ranging from legislative updates to new techniques, from continuing education to insurance regulations, and much more!

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